Welcome to this year’s Archtoberfest: San Diego Architecture & Design Month! Throughout October more than 30 of San Diego County’s leading organizations in the areas of architecture, design, planning, sustainability and community development are, for the third year running, collaborating to present a month-long, jaw-dropping line-up of public tours, exhibitions, programs and events, over 65 different options, that illuminate the region’s incredible history, dynamic present and promising, if uncertain, future. Many are free or low cost and plenty are family-friendly.


How to Get Involved:

Use this website to review the offerings.  Those at the top of the list are happening soonest. Each day, new events get top billing.  Click on the event you’re interested in and you’ll be linked to the event’s host organization for registration (if required) and details about locations & timing.
Follow Archtoberfest on Facebook Invite your friends, meet-ups & family to participate. It’s a perfect opportunity for your contacts in Los Angeles, Orange County and Tijuana to discover a San Diego that shatters the stereotypes.

2016 Archtoberfest Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Archtoberfest Founding Organizations